Calendar for Gmail

Calendar for Gmail

Calendar for Gmail - Plan your days, months and even years properly! UWP APP!

Calendar for Gmail - Plan your days, months and even years properly! UWP APP!


- Create and edit your own calendars.

- Create and edit events: name, place, time, description.

- Set the start and end time of events.

- Reminders for events.

- Ability to mark events in different colors.

- Send invitations to the event.

- Search events.

- Add notes.

- Connect multiple accounts in the app with the ability to switch between them.

- Live tiles with upcoming events.

- Ability to navigate through the app and manage events using Cortana voice commands (this feature is available in English only).

- Support for Windows Hello. Ability to add a pin code to access the calendar, or have access to the app using your fingerprint or iris scan.

- Settings. Change the view mode: the first day of the week, time format.

All your events are collected in one place! It is really easy to plan everything with Calendar for Gmail!

Calendar for Gmail is the great way to plan any your activities. This application synchronizes with your Google calendar and allows to browse already added events, create new ones, add notes, mark the date, and much more.

You can use Calendar for Gmail for multiple Google accounts and switch between them in a simple way.

Calendar for Gmail also cares about safety of your personal information. It supports Windows Hello, so you can use safe access to calendar by setting the parameters proper.

Calendar for Gmail


Calendar for Gmail